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There is currently one vacancy. 

Current Vacancies

Outreach and Engagement Lead

The Crop Trust’s Outreach and Engagement Lead (OEL) will join a dynamic communications team to implement and support the development of the Crop Trust communications and outreach strategy. The OEL will support the Head of Communications to further develop a creative, efficient, and impactful outreach program that delivers coordinated, high-quality outreach products, ensuring targeted delivery of messaging and expanding reach on all channels and platforms in support of institutional objectives.

Interested candidates should apply by 5 February 2023 by using the following link: For more information, please see the full vacancy announcement below.

Vacancy Announcement - Outreach and Engagement Lead

Working at the Crop Trust

The Crop Trust considers its staff its most important asset. The Crop Trust devotes considerable resources towards ensuring their well-being and the establishment of a productive environment.

We aim to attract and retain the most competent, experienced, innovative, and energetic professional talent that can be found. The Crop Trust encourages professional and personal growth, provides a safe and well equipped working environment, and provides opportunities for staff participation in matters that affect the staff and their work. 

The Crop Trust is an equal opportunity employer, committed to hiring staff regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion, political persuasion, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Crop Trust strives to provide fair and equitable treatment to its staff and discourages all forms of unfair discrimination.The Crop Trust offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package for its regular staff.

Data Protection

The Crop Trust is committed to protecting your personal data. By submitting your application, you agree to us processing your personal data as described in the document below.

Crop Trust Job Applicant Consent Form

Interns and Fellows

The Crop Trust values contributions from interns and fellows with skills in a variety of different areas. In this regard, internship and fellowship opportunities are posted here as and when required. Currently, there are no opportunities but please check back again soon. 

Partner Vacancies

Currently, there are no partner vacancies.

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