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Securing our food, forever

What is the solution to
global hunger?

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Crop Diversity Day 2022 Bonn, Germany

Join us for an evening of dialogue and networking and lively debate on the critical challenges facing our food systems.

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Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security

The Crop Trust is the only organization whose sole mission is to ensure humanity conserves and makes available the world’s crop diversity for future food and nutrition security.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault currently holds 1,125,419 seed samples

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

What will it cost to secure global crop diversity forever?

Endowment Fund

The Crop Trust works with over 165 partner institutions

What makes us resilient? What enables us to overcome hardships no matter the crisis? Diversity is what enables us to bounce back from challenges. And it’s that way for our agriculture as well.

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The foundation of our food is at risk. Whether you are an individual, a government donor or a private company, every contribution counts.

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