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Crop diversity is essential for life on Earth. It underpins nearly everything we eat and drink. But it’s rapidly disappearing.
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Who we are
The Crop Trust is responding to the crisis threatening the foundation of our food.

We are the only international organization dedicated solely to conserving and making available crop diversity.

  • Genebanks
    Supporting Genebanks

    We support and fund the world’s most important crop collections via the CGIAR Genebank Platform and provide support to key national collections of crop diversity most important for future global food security.

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  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault

    We support the ultimate backup for crop collections, backing up seeds in the arctic permafrost from almost every country in the world.

    About the Vault
  • The Crop Wild Relatives Project

    We pursue conservation and use of the wild cousins of our food crops – supporting the collection, conservation and preparation of crop wild relatives for climate change adaptation.

    About the Project
  • Information Systems

    We develop a new generation of information technologies to make the world’s crop diversity searchable and accessible around the globe.

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  • Ben Stirton 3
    Rescuing Crop Diversity

    We race to rescue crop diversity in danger of disappearing forever. Under the Global Systems Project, the Crop Trust launched what has been described as the largest and most successful biological rescue mission ever.

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  • The Endowment Fund

    We create a permanent legacy of support to sustainably fund a global system of crop conservation and use.

How to Help
A food secure world starts with you.

Conserving crop diversity is the first and most crucial step to ensuring food security. With the support of individuals, the private sector, foundations, and the governments of the world, we can save crop diversity forever.

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    Invest in the future of your food today. If every person in the world donated just 12 cents, the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund would be fully funded.

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    Get the latest conservation updates, be inspired to take action, and learn about ways you can help the Crop Trust secure the foundation of our food forever.

  • 1,081,026

    Seed samples conserved in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault

  • USD 365.5 M

    Approximate Value of the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund


  • 736,210

    Crop varieties conserved through Crop Trust’s core work


  • 4,114,333

    Records of genebank samples in Genesys, the global portal for plant genetic resources


  • USD 30.9 M

    Value of grants Crop Trust provided to conserve crop diversity globally in 2020

We are deeply grateful for our many partners.

Not only have their contributions laid the foundation to conserve crop diversity forever, but they show the continued power of the hope we all share, a hope for a food secure world.