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Policies and Related Documents

Staff members of the Crop Trust are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, due care and diligence, with the interest of the Crop Trust mission in mind. Expectations for staff conduct are described in the Crop Trust “Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual (PPPM)”, and in a separate “Staff Code of Conduct“, both of which are provided to all staff upon hiring. 

Standards of Conduct for the Executive Board

The Crop Trust also has a written set of standards for its Executive Board Members as well as for members of the Finance and Investment Committee (sub-Committee of the Executive Board). These documents establish the expectations for Members of the Executive Board and the Non-Board Members of the Finance and Investment Committee and calls for them to exert due diligence in the execution of their duties and in particular stresses the requirement to abide by rules against fraud, illegal activities, Conflict of Interest, handling of confidential information. These standards are described in the “Rules of Procedure of the Executive Board”.

Whistleblower Policy

The Crop Trust encourages staff to report any suspected cases of misconduct and has a “Whistleblower Policy” in place which provides a safe vehicle for staff to report suspected cases of misconduct, ensuring that no staff shall suffer any retaliation for such reporting. 

Other policies

The Crop Trust has a range of other policies, procedures and operations that articulate the Crop Trust’s expectations and regulations in support of these core values. These documents are available below.

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